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About Our Company

Umang International is web based marketing site to provide you with best Indian traditional snacks and sweets, and are domestically famous for their authenticity and savour. Our utmost concern is to provide you with best of these snacks and sweet from the kitchen that are hygienic and efficient.

Chikki is the most famous product brought by our customers. Chikki and Rewri are traditional Indian sweet snacks which were invented way back, thinking of years ahead.

In late 80s, the Railways made its way to India, then Hindustan, and the labourous work was required. It was obvious for the rulers of the time to make colonial natives do the manual labour. Due to the heavy laborious work put in by the workers, they required something healthy and light at the same time to eat so as to sustain them. This is how the idea of chikki was invented. The innovative idea of making and providing chikki to the workers was that it had three simple reasons, one it was healthy, two it tasted good and third it was affordable to everyone. Even nowadays, Chikki is preferred over any other snack for reasons like, it's healthy, tasty, affordable, and can be grabbed as a snack whenever you're craving for small snack or meal. Even after about a century, the technique required to prepare chikki is still very simple and common. Compared to any other sweet and snack Chikki is considered to be healthier and here's how :

1) The groundnut chikki is known to lower bad cholesterol in blood, thereby preventing coronary artery disease and strokes.
2) Peanut chikki is known to pose anti-inflammatory effects thus preventing the diseases like psoriasis and eczema (as peanuts are rich in Vitamin E, zinc and magnesium).
3) Peanuts are also known to help with cell regeneration by boosting collagen synthesis
4) Jaggery is proven to help in diluting blood clots and preventing nervous diseases like dementia and Alzheimer's.
5) It is a perfect to munch for evening snacks instead of junk food like chips and crackers. Groundnut or peanut chikki is good for kids to snack on these healthy candies which provide nutrition and also fill the stomach.
It is also advised to pregnant women.
6)Since the vegans are increasing numerously, mostly for the sake of environment, Chikki can be consumed by vegans too, as it's not prepared from any animal produce.
Chikkis can be made through many different recipes and ingredients but the basic chikki is made up of jaggery, which tends to be a great substitute for white sugar, and peanuts, which have high nutrition value.


At Umang International, technology has transformed traditional methods into modern techniques. In our journey, from domestic suppliers to world wide marketers, we've gained trust of our customers world wide. We've taken a technological jump from conventional manual manufacturing process to precision industrial manufacturers. Presently, our production site is in New Delhi, where we have most recent technology of International Standards.

Quality Control

It is our earnest endeavour to to provide quality products to our customers. We have uncompromising and strict quality check, which assures the world class quality and taste for our every product. We have extremely dedicated, experienced, and self dedicated team of professionals to make sure that the food we are delivering maintains our quality standards by ensuring quality control, assurance, and compliance. Walking towards our milestones, we have added many certificates to assurance of quality.


We have adopted International standards guidelines of packaging for all of our products. We ensure both attractive and protective packaging. We aim to provide long lasting packaging values to our products. Our forte is to provide tasty, hygienic food, rich in quality for a yummy experience, and to provide that we make sure of a quality packaging to preserve the authentic taste.


We have transformed from traditional techniques to modern technology for manufacturing and packaging products, while maintaining the integral international standard guidelines of hygiene and quality. We have successfully developed the array of varied product catalogs under brand name "Umang International".
At present times, our products are being patronized by both Government and Private Companies in India. With world class quality products, long shelf life, and healthy and nutritions products, our products are now available in major World Market, that is in Asia, Australia, United States, Canada, Europe, Africa & Middle-east.
Every single one of our products is trusted by the customers and are already tried and tested by us from the beginning of our business. We have passion for providing the healthy and appetising snacks to our customers. Because we care about our customers, as in the words of philosopher, Shep Hyken, "All of your customers are your partners in your mission", and our mission is to provide everyone the best of best.

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